My agent was extremely helpful in selling our house and building our new home. They made the process easy and were on my side the whole time. They were extremely responsive to any questions I had, I felt there were more interested in getting me the house I wanted rather than a quick commisson. I recommend them to anyone interested in buying/selling/building a home even in this crazy market.

"Our agent was very helpful throughout the whole process. They were hands down the best agent I have ever worked with. We purchased our house while living in another state. They did they the most thorough video walk through, and I never felt nervous about making an offer while never having set foot inside the house"

"Our expirence with our home purchase in Rigby, ID was second to none. The team we worked with was a pleasant time. It all started with out first interaction with our agent. They truly are are compassionate person that establishes a personal relationship. Out agent along with their team make it a comforting situation on finding you a HOME, not a house. Escrow was very comforting with the constant communication on the processes and the timeliness thereof. I can't wait for the next experience."

"Our agent was tremendous help locating a house that fit my needs! They helped with everything from fuinding houses, contacting the seller, scheduling a great inspector, and negotiating the purchase of property. Without the help of our agent, I am not sure we could have bear the competition. All of this, while I was out of state too! I really can not stress how helpful out agent has been during the entire process."

"Our agent was awesome to work with, extremely responsive and helped us through all the steps of buying our home. Every purchase process has unexpected twists and turns and our agent had hepful answers, ideas, and resources to address every issue we encountered during the home buying process"

"Our agent was absolutely amazing to work with. They handled everything professionally and got our house sold very quickly. They made the selling process exrtemely smooth and went out of their way to get the appraiser to work in our favor. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking to buy or sell. "

"Our agent is amazing, they helped my husband and I find the home of our dreams. They did such a great work, and they were always on top of things. They answered our questions and made sure we were happy with the results"

"Our agent is the best! In this ridiculous market, they went above and beyond. We ere out bid multiple times by cash offers, but they did not give up. They simply worked harder, and they came through for us. NOw we have our forever home! If you need someone who is considerate to your neets, and is not just out for a commisson, our agent is the one!"

"Our agent was great. When we especially when dealing with the title company.This market requires fast action and we got it. They get our highest recommendation."

“They Made Everything Easy”

"Our agent was amazing to work with. They made everything eay and explained everything well as we went. They were willing to hep with whatever we needed and kept us informed the whole time!!"

“I would recomend them to anyone”

"This team went all out to make out dream come true. They sold two of our properties and helped us purchase they place we love. Our agent made sure things went smooth and their team was always letting us know where things were. I would recomend them to anyone"

Amazing Agents!

"My Agent was literally amazing. I spoke with progably 20 different realtors when I started home shopping. They were the only one who seemed like they wanted to help us find our home. They were fast and friendly and always responded right away. "

Simplifying the Selling Process

"Our agent did a great job finding a buyer quickly and helping us through the many steps of the process! Easy to work with and all around friendly and helpful."